M2 Media Manager

M2 Media Manager is IMC’s core application for media browsing and clip logging, an advanced, codec-independent, Windows-based application that allows immediate access to all media, located either on local or central storage, without the need for file transfers.

M2 Media Manager is bundled with IMC NLE applications and is also available as a stand alone application designed for PCs and laptops. M2 Media Manager can access digitized media on the SAN/NAS network using a basic Ethernet connection and prepare clip management for IMC’s timeline editing and post applications: N1 Newsmaker, RP Remote Producer, E3 Editor Studio. This means that journalists, producers and assistant editors can start selecting, sorting, logging and preparing material for the editing session with unparalleled ease.

In network environments, M2 Media Manager acts as a client application, collaborating with M2 Media Manager Pro for more advanced project/media management and administration, and the IMC CDB Server, IMC’s centralized, network-intelligent database designed to manage all metadata entered into the system during production. Through M2Media Manager, clip logging and clip metadata can be quickly entered into central production workflow from any network workstation.

M2 Media Manager

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