MP Media Producer

The True Power of Network-based Proxy Editing

Incite Media Producer MP is a network-based, hardware-independent NLE editor designed to edit near-on-line or proxy file formats in fast-paced, collaborative newsroom environments. Taking full advantage of Incite’s open architecture, Incite Media Producer MP operates freely over a modern IT backbone, seamlessly editing centrally stored proxy media, exchanging projects with Incite on-line finishing stations, and interacting via MOS protocol with newsroom applications for project assignment, publishing and playout.

Incite Media Producer MP lets you edit a wide range of codecs and proxy file formats including DivX, QuickTime, MPEG1, Real Media and Windows Media 9, as well as on-line media (DV,MPEG2, HD, etc...). These formats are simultaneously transcoded during hi-resolution ingest directly to central storage and dynamically linked allowing smooth interchange from low-res to hi-res, without the need to recapture any material.

Using these formats, projects can be cut on Incite Media Producer MP and delivered to the Incite craft editing applications for on-line finishing or published directly to Incite Video Printer for video mixdown at hi-resolution. The result is a complete, digital workflow solution that takes full advantage of different networking architectures (Gigabit, Fibre Channel), different types of storage solutions (SAN storage for on-line media, NAS storage for DV/near-online storage) and different file formats to maximize productivity throughout the facility.

Incite Media Producer MP provides a complete set of NLE editing tools, powerful audio mixer and real-time audio features, built-in Inscriber CG editor, integration with 3rd party graphics engines (VizRT), MOS Protocol support, and background or network-based rendering for video effects and transitions. In addition, Incite Media Producer MP is hardware independent, operating on standard laptops or PCs*.

MP Media Producer

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