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Delivering powerful IT versatility for today’s newsroom journalist, N1 Newsmaker lets you share, edit, and publish your story faster than ever before using software codec to preview and edit sequences without the need of high-performance, dedicated hardware.

N1 Newsmaker is designed to run on standard PCs and laptops, N1 Newsmaker provides an easy to use interface designed for the non-experienced editor or journalist who needs to preview material using either low-bitrate proxy video or hi-resolution DV media, create an initial sequence of the timeline, and publish the sequence for approval. N1 Newsmaker also provides the tools journalists need to insert titles, create and edit their scripts, and record voice-overs directly on the timeline Once completed, the project is published for approval or opened in E3 Editor Studio for on-line finishing. If the sequence does not require online finishing, the project can be sent directly to VP Video Printer where the output file is compiled at high-resolution ready for playout.

The dynamic link between proxy resolution media files and their high-resolution counterparts is established during the ingest/transcoding phase of production and stored as metadata in the  CDB server SQL database and Master Clip Gateway. This allows projects to be begun at proxy resolution and finished or compiled at high-resolution transparently across the network. Timecode between high-resolution and low-resolution video is equally transparent, allowing frame accurate transference from proxy to high-res media for any timeline.

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