Company Profile:

IMC Technologies Inc. is a Swiss company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The main activity of IMC is software development specializing in the creation of video/audio production applications for broadcast and post production.

IMC is a front-runner in bridging the traditional world of analog video broadcasting with modern concepts of computer-based, multimedia technology.

IMC Technologies offers broadcasters a total solution that is modular, and thereby easily expandable. It provides open architecture with other Windows-based applications, and is transparent with future technologies, especially those technologies that focus on media acquisition, metadata transparency and 3rd party integration.

IMC’s total solution offers:

IMC’s totally tapeless, IT philosophy offers cost-effective migration to scalable BSN(Broadcast Shared Network) based on a comprehensive product family affordable, adaptable solution that can be easily expanded on demand.

Additional System Integration Services include:

The company targets three key market sectors:

  1. Broadcasters (large, regional and small-scale facilities
  2. Single users & post production houses
  3. Custom development for key clients

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