Incite PR Software

Incite PR Software has everything you need to create engaging social media content

Incite PR Software is a social media video maker that has the best set of features. PR Managers, Marketers and influencers can create beautiful and consistent visual content across social media platforms.

  • Incite PR software is web browser based for easy creation, editing and distribution of social media trailers from an existing program or in house video content.
  • Incite PR Software allows you to create, edit, resize your video content before publishing to social media networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, website etc.)
  • You can choose a title, write a message or caption, add hash tags, and select a cover for your videos.
  • Trim videos; insert pre and post-rolls from
  • Crop and resize your final result into 16:9, square, vertical… Adapt your video format to the platform on which you are posting!
  • Create videos that are unique to you with your own logos, fonts, frames, layers, and motion designs.
  • Multilingual speech-to-text solution allowing open and closed captions
  • Animated Graphics templates
  • Live video clipping
  • Cut frame accurate clips from live streams and export with predefined format (logo, Intro and Extro video) .
  • Import and export video in almost any format
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