Incite Media Producer

The True Power of Local , Remote & Network-based Editing

Incite Media Producer (MP) is a remote and network-based, codec- independent NLE editor designed to edit on any file format in fast-paced, collaborative newsroom environments. Taking full advantage of Incite’s open architecture, Incite MP operates freely over a modern IT backbone, seamlessly editing centrally or locally stored media, exchanging projects with third party NLE’s and interacting via MOS protocol with newsroom applications for project assignment, publishing and playout.

Incite MP lets you edit a wide range of the latest codecs and formats natively. This allows you simultaneous processing of several layers in real-time.

Using MP remote editing features allows you to edit any formats locally (laptop) and export (over ftp or https protocol), the project with consolidated media or not directly to the studio network environment for re-editing, finishing, or publishing to Incite Video Printer for video mix down for delivery. The result is a complete, digital workflow solution that takes full advantage of different networking architectures, different types of storage solutions and different file formats to maximize productivity throughout the facility.

Incite MAM WEB edit proxy architecture fully integrates with MP allowing you to start edit on the web edit user interface from any location and open the same timeline in MP for on-line finishing.

Incite MP provides a complete set of NLE editing tools, powerful audio mixer and real-time audio features, integration with 3rd party graphics engines, MOS Protocol support, and background or network-based rendering for video effects and transitions. In addition, Incite Media Producer MP is hardware independent, operating on standard laptops or PCs.

Codec Independent NLE Editor
Remote Editing
MOS protocol support
CEF plug in for NRCS remote export
Caspar CG Graphics support
Compatible with multiple Video servers
Export of Timeline to 3rd party NLE
Multi format export
Intuitive Interface for Journalists
Social Media content creation

Top Features for Incite Media Producer

  • Hardware-independent (requires no dedicated hardware)
  • Full network or remote capabilities for collaborative media, project and task sharing
  • Edit natively in most popular multimedia formats
  • MAM Proxy architecture interacts dynamically with on-line Incite MP editing
  • Instant Replay: Log and edit media while it is being digitized or transcoded
  • MOS support and unique ID preservation
  • Built in external graphics layer for 3rd party engines
  • OFX plugin
  • Background rendering and network-based render farming
  • Clip/media consolidation
  • Timeline export to multiple format
  • Export directly to 3rd party Video servers

Editing Features

  • Edit any file formats
  • Edit native, in any resolution
  • Fast and real time processing
  • Unlimited video/audio tracks
  • Advanced editing modes (TV mode, Film mode, Get Trim mode, Overlap mode)
  • Support for any Aspect ratio
  • 3-point and 4-point editing
  • Fill the gap and fit to fill capabilities
  • SDI capture and batch capturing
  • Advanced Trim editing features
  • Out of sync display for clips on timeline
  • Dynamic timeline thumbnails and resizable layers
  • Customizable clip info and metadata display (speed, duration, markers, etc.)
  • Create Clips and Consolidate Clips from timeline
  • Timeline export in different format & codec
  • Remote mix down services (timeline export) via Incite Video Printer
  • Variable speed Jog/Shuttle modes
  • Group and ungroup
  • Unlimited Undo/redo
  • Insert and edit markers at the clip and timeline level
  • Select Region editing
  • Quick one-key creation of transitions on the timeline
  • Fully customizable keyboard and program settings
  • Customizable Autosave and Backup features
  • All formats XML & EDL export/import
  • VO directly on timeline

Video Effects

  • Transitions, picture-in-picture, blur, 2D, 3D and multi-layer compositing
  • Background rendering with exclusive Incite Task Server automation for batch rendering
  • Render over the network (render farming) using Incite Task Server and multiple render nodes
  • Multiple, customizable libraries with ready to use effects
  • Advanced key framing for all effects
  • Apply and save multiple effects on a single clip
  • Interpolated Speed Change filter
  • Advanced integration with compositing software like Adobe After Effects
  • OFX plugin
  • Full support for dual processor systems for multi-threaded, faster, and more efficient processing

Graphics and Titling

  • Real-time non-compressed alpha keyed graphics and titles
  • Customizable CG templates
  • Graphic format support: TGA, PBG, BMP, TIFF and JPEG
  • Real-time timeline update for saved changes to TGA files in Photoshop
  • Optional 3D Titling, animation and effects (Caspar CG)
  • Optional External Graphics layer (insert and sync external graphics through MOS ID)
  • Create graphics from video using Grab Frame or Grab Field

Audio Features

  • Professional top-of-the-line audio features and effects
  • Unlimited audio tracks
  • 8 audio tracks in real-time
  • Sampling Rate: 32, 1, 48 kHz
  • Audio Quality: 8,16,24,32-bit
  • Real-time volume levels and timeline key framing
  • Real-time waveform display
  • Professional Audio FX and key framing: Delay, parametric EQ, flanger tone, dynamics and more
  • Audio VST Plug-ins: Reverb, de nosier, de scratcher, time compression and advanced limiter
  • Voice-over recording on the timeline with punch-in features
  • Real-time audio FX and advanced Audio FX rendering
  • Audio OMF export/import
  • Professional, customizable VU and peak meters
  • Customizable mixer configurations per timeline
  • Mixer configurations can be saved and exchanged between Incite applications
  • Analogue and digital scrubbing

Management & Networking

  • Incite Media Manager M2 included (Network-capable)
  • Robust SQL architecture ensures more efficient, network- based database management
  • Complete control over all project assets, both on disk and as part of project database
  • Customizable access, protection and GUI display based on user’s Windows log-on
  • Advanced management of network media and
  • Shared access to network-based media and project assets
  • Direct access to project administrative and configuration tools through M2 interface
  • Multi-codec browsing and viewing of clips in M2
  • Advanced search and sort features for projects, local media and network media
  • Customizable metadata at the clip level; includes markers, marker groups, and scripting tools
  • Dynamic database architecture: Media Producer projects are transparent with any 3rdy party application
  • XML & EDL import/export
  • History of AutoSaves and Backup project files for fast reference and loading
  • Background rendering and encoding features with Incite Task Server automation
  • Render farming : Render and transcode over network nodes
  • Transcoding and conversion tools : Build in and customizable templates for clip conversion to multiple file formats
  • Remote mix down services (optional): Export to Incite Video Printer for remote network-based mix down and timeline export

System Requirements

Platform: Windows 10 & 11

Processors: Support for dual-processor systems as well as single processor; multi-threaded architecture support takes full advantage of today’s multi cores technologies


RAM: 16 GB RAM minimum

Graphic Card: Standard graphic cards

Video Codecs: a wide range of latest codecs and formats Video Input/Output: DeckLink board support

Audio Card: Sound Blaster compatible

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