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Management for Advanced Network Production

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Incite Media Manager M2 is Incite’s core application for media browsing and clip logging, an advanced data management, codec and fromat-independent, Windows-based application that allows immediate access to all media, located either on local or central storage, without the need for file transfers.

Incite Media Manager M2 is bundled with Incite NLE applications and is also available as a standalone application designed for PCs and laptops. Incite Media Manager M2 can access digitized media on the SAN/NAS network using a basic Ethernet connection and prepare clip management for Incite’s timeline editing or any 3rd party application Adobe, FCP, Edius etc. This means that journalists, producers and assistant editors can start selecting, sorting, logging and preparing material for the editing session with unparalleled ease.

In network environments, Incite Media Manager M2 acts as a client application, collaborating with Incite MAM for more advanced project/media management and administration. Through Incite Media Manager M2, clip logging and clip metadata can be quickly entered into central production workflow from any network workstation.

Log media located on central storage Fast, versatile and efficient logging tools Create and edit customizable clip metadata Advanced search, sort and filtering Built in Project Configuration tools Built in Incite Task Server Technology NRCS and Traffic system Integration Advanced Metadata Management Production Asset Management

Top Features for Incite Media Manager

  • Browse, play and log media directly from central storage with no need for media transfers
  • Access to media while it is being digitized to central storage
  • Log clips from live SDI feeds (news, sports, etc.) preserving house generated time code
  • Insert production metadata like notes, markers and
  • Program Segmentation
  • Log and sub-clip from virtually any file format standard
  • Share logging selections with all Incite workstations on the network, using clip selections to create timeline sequences
  • Incite’s quick log feature lets you log a clip with a single keystroke, optimum for logging goals, fouls and other “live” action events
  • File Ingest
  • Archive Storage Management
  • Task organization during the productions

Media Browsing

  • Browse all local and networked based media and clip files: Video, audio, graphics, titles
  • Browse, manage and log media from standard PCs and laptops
  • using virtually any software codec for post, broadcasting and multimedia production
  • Access to media and clip folders can be completely controlled through standard Windows-based networking administration tools and permissions
  • Simultaneous, multi-user access to the same media in network
  • environments for browsing, viewing and clip logging
  • Drag and drop support for media, clips, graphics and effects from Media Manager to Incite timelines
  • Tree directory browser with easy-to-use, Explorer-style functionality
  • Book mark frequently used folders for faster access
  • Conduct advanced searches on specific metadata entry fields or groups of entry fields
  • Sort clips according to specific metadata (name, time code, tape/ reel as well as other customizable categories)
  • Multiple views: Display clips as video players, thumbnails or listed in customizable tables
  • Full-frame-rate playback of hi-res media content using software codec (no specific hardware required)
  • Play, scrub and log multiple media directly in the media folder, or load media into a dedicated logging panel for larger display and greater control over editing and metadata
  • Playing of growing Content
  • Support for non-video assets
  • Open architecture and software-codec independence delivers full
  • file format compatibility for all today’s

Media Management

  • Seamless integration with Incite MOS-style project configuration tools
  • Create, modify and update clip metadata and timecode information
  • Create custom metadata entry fields
  • Advanced metadata creation structure for complex cataloguing that allows you to access the specified media
  • Shared access to Gigabit or SAN-based media and project assets
  • Transparently preserve all metadata information through each phase of production with instantaneous updates occurring over the network (no need for file transfers)
  • Create and save custom table configurations for clip information
  • Metadata information for personalized keyword/group Applied to the media or to relevant sections for faster access to interesting shots.
  • Incite clip architecture provides easy integration with other industry-leading video servers, asset management and archiving systems.
  • Metadata can be automatically linked to media on import
  • Ability for the metadata to link assets together
  • Deleting and protecting media

Supported Video Codecs: (not exhaustive)


XAVC, Sony RAW, Avid DNxHD, VC-3, Apple ProRes, QuickTime, Uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2, Uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2, MJPEG, JPEG2000, MPEG2/1, H264, HEVC

Media Logging and Sub-clipping

  • Preview media assets and log clips before, during and after acquisition
  • Log disk-based clips and sub-clips from any station on the network, with in/out editing, video/audio playback, track selection, and marker insertion
  • Log selections directly to network-based folders, Incite projects and timelines as well as 3rd party NLE
  • Publish media and metadata to various destination like internet web site
  • Insert comments and keywords for facilitating media browsing and searches
  • Create markers and marker groups with customizable color- coding and commenting
  • Include and edit script segments assigned to clips in Rich Text Format
  • Log and create clips on the same station while Incite Ingest is capturing or 3rd Party Video server
  • Ability to integrate with play out automation system
  • Caption creator
  • Review and Approve

Networking and Collaborative Workflow

  • Media Manager is both a standalone application and fully integrated within Incite editing applications like Incite Media Producer or 3rd party
  • Use Media Manager as a standalone application to create cost effective, multi-seat logging stations in IT newsroom environments and large post facilities
  • Incite Media Manager can support a large number of simultaneous users for independent browsing and logging over a net- work
  • Clip transparency with any on the market
  • Seamless integration with Adobe & Edius tools in network environments
  • Share clip selections, graphics and effects folders over the entire network
  • Shared access to NAS-Gigabit or SAN-based media, clips and project materials like graphics, subtitles
  • Master Clip Gateway
  • MOS & API
  • WEB GUI and WEB Edit with Incite MAM
  • Archive and LTO management
  • Integration with 3rd party Archive system
  • Multi-site collaboration and project sharing
  • User authentication against Active Directory with the use of LDAP protocol
  • Sending automatic notification to the user email addresses when trigger variable is fulfilled

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows Server 2012r2, 2016, 2019,2022 or Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: i3, i5 or i7, with multiple
  • RAM: 16 GB,
  • HDD: Fast local HDD/SSD for installation and database
  • Network: Fast connection to media location and communication between nodes – 1Gbe minimum
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