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IMC Technologies is a Swiss company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The main activity of IMC is software development & system integration specializing in:

  • The creation of news production and video editing
  • Media Asset Management and archiving
  • Instant replay for sportvideo judging.

IMC product families are modular and adaptable to a wide range of clients’ needs either as standalone applications or integrated into a single, unified and collaborative workflow environment.

IMC Technologies Inc. is a system integrator that delivers cost-effective solutions from initial project consultancy to design, software development, customization, integration, installation , user training and onsite support.

IMC Market

Market Segment

  • Broadcast
  • Media Creation and Management
  • Postproduction
  • Corporate
  • Sport Market- International Sport Federations
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La force d’IMC et ce qui fait que nous aimons leur collaboration est le fait de s’appuyer sur des solutions éprouvées et de développer autour l’environnement qui correspond aux besoins particuliers des clients qui sortent forcément un moment ou l’autre des spécifications initiales. Le tout est assorti d’un support toujours disponible rapidement. Leur taille leur permet cette grande souplesse qui nous est nécessaire.

Francois Vittoz
Technical Director
RTL Hrvatska

Overall a great product. Cooperation with the IMC team is excellent. The user's wishes are respected and, if possible, implemented, no matter how "crazy" they may sound!

Krunoslav Vuković
Integrated Systems Coordinator

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