Incite MAM
Incite MAM is an advanced tool to handle ingest, metadata, logging, search, view and transcodes of media assets on anything from a single system to a networked environment.

N1 Newsmaker
Delivering powerful IT versatility for today’s newsroom journalist, N1 Newsmaker lets you share, edit, and publish your story faster than ever before using software codec to preview and edit sequences without the need of high-performance, dedicated hardware.

M2 Media Manager
M2 Media Manager is IMC’s core application for media browsing and clip logging, an advanced, codec-independent, Windows-based application that allows immediate access to all media, located either on local or central storage, without the need for file transfers.

Q10 Task Server
Q10 Task Server regulates exponential processing power for the automation of time-consuming but vital tasks in all phases of post-production. Whether its batch digitizing, batch encoding, batch rendering or exporting sequences for final delivery, Q10 Task Server lets you incorporate and manage all available CPU and hardware power connected to the network for faster performance and service.

VP Video Printer
The purpose of  Video Printer is to provide a centralized “video printing” service for all network clients using IT technology in much the same way a desktop printer prints paper based documents for an office environment.